Criteria analysis for kinetics curves of initiated blood serum chemiluminescence

  • Iryna Oliynyk 1Department of Physical and Chemical Disciplines, Lviv Medical University, Lviv, 79018, Ukraine; 2Institute of Animal Biology of NAAS, Lviv, 79034, Ukraine


The chemiluminescence (CL) methods unlike the other methods of determining free radicals (FR) allow investigating the kinetics of the derivation and recombination of radicals/antioxidants, and thus the development and attenuation of the process/processes after excitation in time. However, these methods are of limited application because the knowledge of the explored parameters is insufficient (maximum intensity and integrated area under the kinetics plot). The kinetics is studied by the CL methods and a new parameter (IR-criterion) of analysis of damping of the initiated CL dynamics has been introduced. The IR-criterion parameter: identifies the relationship between the rates of initiation and recombination of peroxide radicals in blood-serum samples; allows the full straightening of the CL curves; provides new information in the considered pathological processes; can serve as an additional universal characteristic of FR activity of blood serum in pathological processes.