Antioxidative action of polyamines in protection of phospholipid membranes exposed to ozone stress


In the present work, Langmuir monolayers were used to study the interaction of putrescine (a cationic antioxidant) with anionic charged membranes (1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate) under oxidative stress caused by the presence of ozone in the water phase. Calcium ions and acidic environment were used to compare the electrostatic and antioxidant effects of putrescine with those of an inorganic cation. It has been shown that the main role of putrescine in protecting systems against oxidation is its rapid reaction with ROS. The initial rate of ROS neutralization rose as the concentration of putrescine increased. No such reaction was observed for calcium ions. The consequence of putrescine’s ozone removal was lesser lipid destruction that depended on the pH conditions.