Antioxidant defense in centenarians (a preliminary study).

  • B Kłapcińska Academy of Physical Education, Katowice, Poland.;
  • J Derejczyk
  • K Wieczorowska-Tobis
  • A Sobczak
  • E Sadowska-Krepa
  • A Danch


The study was designed to assess the antioxidant defense mechanisms, either enzymatic or non-enzymatic, in a group of sixteen centenarians (one male and fifteen female subjects aged 101 to 105 years) living in the Upper Silesia district (Poland) in order to evaluate the potential role of antioxidant defenses in human longevity. The results of our preliminary study showed that in comparison with young healthy female adults the centenarians had significantly higher red blood cell glutathione reductase and catalase activities and higher, although insignificantly, serum vitamin E level.