Characteristics of virophages and giant viruses

  • Beata Tokarz-Deptuła Department of Microbiology,Faculty of Biology, University of Szczecin
  • Paulina Czupryńska Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Szczecin,
  • Agata Poniewierska-Baran Department of Immunology,Faculty of Biology, University of Szczecin
  • Wiesław Deptuła Department of Microbiology,Faculty of Biology, University of Szczecin


Five years after being discovered in 2003, some giant viruses were demonstrated to play a role of the hosts for virophages, their parasites, setting out a novel and yet unknown regulatory mechanism of the giant viruses presence in an aqueous. So far, 20 virophages have been registered and 13 of them have been described as a metagenomic material, which indirectly impacts the number of single- and multi-cell organisms, the environment where giant viruses replicate.


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