Genetic polymorphism of CSN2 gene in Banat White and Carpatina goats

  • Szilvia Kusza
  • Daniela Elena Ilie
  • Maria Sauer
  • Krisztina Nagy
  • Irina Patras
  • Dinu Gavojdian


The main objective of the current study was to obtain preliminary results on genetic polymorhism of A and C variants at the CSN2 locus in indigenous Romanian goat (Banat White, Carpatina) breeds using a rapid and efficient genotyping method, TaqMan assay (Applied Biosystems, USA). Hair follicle samples were taken from 73 Banat White and 82 Carpatina purebred goats from Arad, Caras-Severin and Timis counties. After the optimization of the genotyping assay it was found that the most frequent allele at the CSN2 locus was C in Banat White breed, while CSN2*A and CSN2*C showed similar frequencies in Carpatina breed (0.51 and 0.49, respectively). All three genotypes were detected in the two studied breeds, however, AA was the least frequent, especially in Banat White. The studied polymorphisms are potential markers for milk production in the studied breeds and the results will be useful in future works aimed at identifying possible associations with milk production traits, in order to test the feasibility of producing hypoallergenic organic goat milk.