Preliminary report on β-casein gene Met183QVal183 polymorphism in Romanian indigenous Zackel sheep breeds

  • Szilvia Kusza
  • Daniela Elena Ilie
  • Maria Sauer
  • Ioan Walter Sauer
  • Dinu Gavojdian
Keywords: β-casein, gene polymorphism, ovine milk, Racka, Turcana


Genetic polymorphisms of the milk protein genes are important because of their effects on quantitative traits and technological properties of milk manufacturing. In the present study we identified the polymorphism of the beta-casein gene in two local sheep breeds (Racka n=98 and Turcana n=111) in Romania. The most studied variants at the ovine beta-casein (CSN2) locus are: A and G variants. Genomic DNA was extracted from hair follicles and beta-casein genotypes were determined by the rapid TaqMan (Applied Biosystems, USA) genotyping assay. Homozygote genotypes GG were not detected in any of the studied breeds. In both Racka and Turcana breeds, A variant had a much higher frequency, 0.98% and 0.97%, respectively. In the current study the fast DNA tests for genotyping ovine CSN2 was successfully optimized, however, further samples and correlations of genomic results with milk characteristics and production data are needed for the development of future selection schemes of the Romanian indigenous sheep breeds, with the ultimate purpose to produce low level allergenic sheep milk and derived dairy products.


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