Analysis of the germination proteins in Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris spores subjected to external factors

  • Izabela Porębska Instytut Biotechnologii Przemysłu Rolno-Spożywczego im. prof. Wacława Dąbrowskiego , ul. Rakowiecka 36; 02-532 Warszawa
  • Barbara Sokołowska


The presence of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, a thermoacidophilic and spore-forming bacterium, in pasteurized acidic juices poses a serious problem for the processing industry. Therefore, the use of other more effective techniques, such as high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) and supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCD), is considered for preserving juices in order to inactivate these bacteria, while reducing the loss of nutrients and sensory quality.

HHP and SCCD combined with a moderately elevated temperature can, on the other hand, be factors which induce the germination of spores, making them more vulnerable to inactivation. The germination of spores can also be induced by nutrients such as L-alanine or a mixture of asparagine, glucose, fructose and potassium ions (AGFK).

The aim of this work was to determine how applying activating agents: HHP, SCCD and nutrient germinants (L-alanine and AGFK mixture) could influence on number of spores which start germinate and how it affects the proteins involved in the germination of spores.

SDS-PAGE was used to resolve the proteins from A. acidoterrestris spores.

The results indicated that the germination of A. acidoterrestris spores treated with HHP, SCCD and nutrient germinants reflect number of spores which start germinate. The SDS-PAGE results indicated changes in the level of selected proteins occurring when subjected to activating factors and noticeable differences were observed in their molecular weight.


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