In the Face of War

In recent days we are shocked by the brutal aggression of Russia against Ukraine. In our opinion a country which, without any reason or justification violates world’s peace by attacking another independent country, threatening other countries, commits acts of genocide against civilians, breaking international conventions, insolently lies to the world and wants to punish own citizens with many years of prison for preaching the truth, excludes itself from the civilized world in all areas. This includes science which should serve as a platform to gain knowledge and skills in order to help people to live in health and peace.

Therefore, we decided to stop considering manuscripts submitted by authors affiliated with Russian institutions. This is not meant as an action against Russian biochemists but as a sign of support for our Ukrainian friends whose work, peace and even life are endangered by the barbaric invader. Moreover, we decided to fully waive publication charge for Ukrainian authors to help them in this extremely difficult time.

We trust that our intentions will be met with understanding by our authors and readers.

Editor in Chief, Associated Editors, Members of Editorial Board